Naked clip on Sport1: Barbara Schöneberger thanks Sender


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 Entertainer Barbara Schöneberger thanks Sport1 after the nude clip
Barbara Schöneberger once started as a presenter at Sport1. © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

Barbara Schoeneberger (48) began her TV career in 1999 on the DSF broadcaster in the tennis show 'Tie Break'. At that time there was also a small nude clip of the presenter, which Sport1 recently showed again for the station's 30th anniversary. Now Barbara thanked her former employer.

'In the end everything went well, at least for me'

'I wanted to thank you, dear German sports television, because you made my career possible,' said Barbara Schöneberger in a message to the Sport1 'double pass'. 'I wasn't sure how the advantage and back worked in tennis and counting. In the end everything went well, at least for me. I'm happy that you've been around for so long and will continue to exist,' said the 48-year-old.

The station recently showed a contribution to Barbara's Sport1 career for the anniversary. There was also an old video in which the presenter, who was freshly minted at the time, can be seen shirtless. Her chest is only covered by a belly band. She breathes a simple 'Adios' into the camera and giggles. In 1999 she presented the tennis show 'Tie Break' on what was then DSF, which was later renamed Sport1.

In the video: Barbara Schöneberger's kids grow up modestly

 Barbara Schöneberger's kids grow up modestly

Uli Hoeneß congratulates Sport1 personally

In addition to the presenter, Uli Hoeneß (71) also congratulated the broadcaster on its milestone birthday. The former president of FC Bayern Munich was even a guest in the Sport1 'Doppelpass', in which he has long since become a legend. After all, Hoeneß has discussed football events numerous times since the Sport Talk began.

At the side of the long-time Bayern manager were, among other things, the ex-soccer professionals Stefan Effenberg (54) and Mario Basler (54) Guests in the show moderated by Florian König (55).

Of course, there were also arguments about current football events. Particularly Manuel Neuer (38) and his injury occupied the debaters.

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