Nathalie Volk unpacks: Shootings in childhood!


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  Nathalie Volk celebrated her 25th birthday.
Although she is only 25 years old, Nathalie Volk has already experienced a lot © Instagram/mirandadigrande

Some people are said to be shaking, reports Nathalie Volk (25) in an Instagram Q&A. The reason: The former 'Germany's Next Top Model' candidate is working on a disclosure book. Although she is still looking for a 'good publisher', she is already giving a shocking insight into what the world can expect. It's about childhood gunfights, her time in the Hells Angels, and hard work.

Nathalie Volk has been through a lot

There is no release date yet. But Nathalie is already in the middle of the exhausting work on her book. 'Writing a book like this is also hard work because I have to relive every chapter,' she tells her approximately 1.7 million followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as 'Miranda DiGrande'.

The chapters of her life are truly awful to read. The 25-year-old has already publicly criticized Heidi Klum (49). . In 2014 she was a participant in her model show. Now others seem to be getting their fat. When asked how her time with the 'Hells Angels' was, she writes that some are likely to tremble, so she is more likely to change the names. Nathalie even moved to Turkey for her ex-boyfriend Timur Akbulurt .

Nathalie's difficult childhood

Because of her rocker relationship, she lost contact with her family. Only recently did the 25-year-old get in touch with her brother again . And the model also speaks to her mother Viktoria again. How will she react to the announced revelations from Nathalie's childhood? After all, she has published a rather explosive sentence from her book on Instagram: 'Shooting and wiping my parents' blood off the marble floor were part of everyday life in my childhood.'

For the first twelve years of her life, Nathalie grew up in the 'Lehmwandlung' in Nienburg an der Weser. This is a settlement in Lower Saxony that was included in the federal and state program 'Social City' in 1999 and declared a redevelopment area. Nathalie herself describes the place of her childhood as a 'ghetto'. People, but can't imagine what they went through,' she continues.

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Nathalie's future plans

In her Insta question and answer session, however, she doesn't just look back. Nathalie is currently still living in New York, but she will soon be moving back to Germany, as she explains. Before that, however, she was 'totally afraid because I don't know what will happen when I'm there.'

As for wedding plans with her Frank Otto (65), with whom she has been a couple again since this spring , she replies succinctly: 'Just ask Frank Otto.' She would like to have children at some point, but at the moment she has other projects. At 25, she's still very young. Apparently that didn't save her from many bad experiences. (vne)

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