Nazan Eckes after the earthquake in Turkey: I find it difficult to concentrate on my everyday life


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 TV presenter Nazan Eckes becomes a film actress
Nazan Eckes collected more than 350,000 euros for the earthquake victims © Elisabeth Kindler, SpotOn

The earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria two weeks ago shook the whole world. Nazan Eckes (46), who herself has Turkish roots, got in touch shortly after the devastating event with tears in his eyes and called for donations - with great success. Since then, more than 350,000 euros have been collected for the earthquake victims. She now reveals on Instagram why she needed a break after that and how everyday life with her children has changed.

'I want to hug her all the time and never let go'

'After our donation concert, I holed up with my family for a few days,' reveals the mother of two sons. 'I just wanted to be around my kids 24/7. I want to hug them all the time and never let go, and at the same time try to somehow explain to them what terrible happened and that many parents can no longer hold their children in their arms.”

Although it is difficult for her to concentrate on her everyday life, she would like to resume her work, which she had put on hold since the earthquake began. One thing is very important to her: 'Even if we all no longer post about it every day and no longer call for donations, we are still active. Such a fundraiser and the administration is a long-term project!”

In the video: before and after photos show destruction in Turkey

 Before and after videos show destruction in Turkey

Help those affected now

Even two weeks after the earthquake, the affected children and their families in the disaster areas in Turkey and Syria still urgently need your help. It is estimated that several hundred thousand people are homeless. The risk of epidemics is increasing, the hygienic conditions are catastrophic and there is a lack of everything: food, blankets, medicine and clean water and much more.

With your donation, together with our partners such as action medeor, CARE, the UN refugee aid or Caritas International, we take care of the medical care of the injured and carry out vital measures such as the delivery of medicines, water, blankets and food. (devotee)

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