New, big role for Princess Beatrice: Now she can represent King Charles


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Princess Beatrice commemorates her late grandmother.
After the death of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Beatrice takes on a new and important role in the British royal family. © AP, Andrew Milligan

so far was Princess Beatrice (34) most outside of Britain mainly because of their unusual Fascinator Hats noticed. The eldest daughter of Scandal Prince Andrew (62) but now increases after the death of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) an important role that allows her to King Charles III (73) to represent.

Beatrice moves up

After the death of the British Queen, the heirs to the throne all move up one place. Charles is the new king, this slips his son, Prince William (40), first in line to the throne. His cousin Beatrice is now in ninth position. She is also next to William, Prinz Harry (37) (Royal fifth) and her father Andrew (Eighth) the fourth person in the ranking above 21.

And as such, she is a particular focus of public attention – because these four people are so-called “Counselors of State”, in German: “State Councillors”, as the royal family explains on their own website. They can represent the King of Great Britain and carry out some of his official business – for example when he is ill or traveling abroad. Also his wife Queen Camilla (75), also belongs to this group. And now Beatrice too.

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Beatrice's potential new job

  Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew at Balmoral Castle
The world mourns the Queen. Princess Beatrice and her father Andrew are mourning the loss of a close family member. © action press, ActionPress, sz

It sometimes seems as if Beatrice leads a life away from the royal family. Only sister Eugenie (32) publicly congratulated her on her 34th birthday a month ago – quite unusual for the royal family.

That should change now. In her new role, she is allowed to participate in the 'Privy Council', the privy council of the monarch, or sign state documents. However, there are restrictions on representation for all state councilors: In Charles's absence, for example, they are not allowed to appoint new prime ministers or dissolve parliament.

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Neither Beatrice nor her sister Eugenie have commented publicly on the death of their beloved grandmother. (vne)

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