New friend? Yasmina Filali causes love confusion with her dirndl bow


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Yasmina Filali's loop is misleading

Is she taken or not?! Two weeks ago, the magazine 'Bunte' reported that Yasmina Filali (47) shortly after announcing their split from husband Thomas Helmer (57) is said to be in love again. A TV presenter, who has also been a close friend for years, should be the lucky one. At the Munich Oktoberfest, the actress caused a lot of confusion with her dirndl bow. In the video above, Yasmina reveals how she deals with the rumours.

'Well at the moment I have other worries than flirting'

If a woman wears the bow on her dirndl on the right side, she is taken. If she wears this on the left, you can flirt, because the lady is single. This is how the Bavarian tradition wants it at the Oktoberfest in Munich. There, RTL meets Yasmina Filali on the occasion of a charity event, the 'Ladies Red Wiesn'. Especially after the reporting of the past few weeks, we pay particular attention to her bow - only it sits in the middle at the back. Actually a traditional sign for widows.

When asked about this, the 47-year-old is confused. 'I thought it didn't mean anything in the back,' she explains with a laugh, 'I'm from Hamburg, you have to forgive me!' Or is it just a clever move to avoid the love interpretations? After all, it is said that she should already be happily in love again . 'Well, at the moment I have other worries than flirting,' she says in an interview.

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In the video: rumor mill - is ER the new one on Yasmina's side?

 Who is the new old man at Yasmina Filali's side?

Yasmina is holding tight

In any case, Yasmina is beaming from ear to ear at the Wiesn. But even when dirndl designer Astrid Söll wanted to straighten her bow, she still decided to wear it at the back. Fortunately, the 47-year-old is not a widow. Happy is a good cue for them though. She is currently with her children , reveals: 'That's all I need to be happy.' Basically, she does not want to comment on her separation, 'and I like to stay with that,' says Yasmina to RTL.

After 21 years together, 17 of them married, Yasmina and her Thomas announced their separation at the end of August. The former footballer is also said to be in love again . Together they have two children. (vne)

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