New mom Jenny Frankhauser: SO stylishly she presents her after-baby body


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Jenny Frankhauser shows her after-baby body.
Jenny Frankhauser shows her after-baby body. © Instagram/jenny_frankhauser

Jenny Frankhauser (30) is ready for winter – at least in terms of wardrobe. On Instagram, the former jungle queen shows up in new knitted outfits that are not only warm but also stylish. The new mom her taste in fashion and at the same time gives her fans a look at her after-baby body, which is really impressive.

Jenny wears size M again

  Jenny reveals that she is wearing size M again.
Jenny reveals that she is wearing size M again. © Instagram/jenny.frankhauser

Jenny poses casually in front of the mirror as she presents her followers with a tight, gray two-piece suit. There is something to see below and above. The influencer shows her bare legs, a piece of her stomach and décolleté, proving: The Neu-Mama has nothing to hide and feels very comfortable in her own skin. The 30-year-old was particularly taken with a figure-hugging, brown wool dress. 'How beautiful is this sweater dress please?' She asks her fans enthusiastically and even reveals her dress size.

Size M fits mom's little Damian like a glove. Awesome – after all, the reality TV star wore it until September 29th still THIS baby ball ahead. Jenny is probably the best example of how quickly the body can regress after giving birth.

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  Jenny Frankhauser:"Hat das Gefühl, alles falsch zu machen“

'Jenny, du Garnet!'

Her fans and followers also find this remarkable and write: 'Exactly five weeks ago you had a baby. Jenny, you grenade. How did you do that?'. Visibly touched, the 30-year-old thanks her enthusiastic fan for the encouragement, although she has not (yet) done anything for her appearance. 'I haven't done any sport before and I haven't had any real motivation to eat healthy,' she admits. But that should change soon. Then Jenny wants to do home workouts and eat better. (lkr)

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