New video appeared: Does Melanie Müller show the Hitler salute here?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Is Melanie Müller showing the Hitler salute here?

It was only on Monday (September 26) that a video surfaced Melanie Mueller (34) on, which she shows during a performance amid right-wing extremist slogans. People in the audience can be seen raising their arms in a Hitler salute and shouting 'Sieg Heil'. In a statement and also via Instagram, the Ballermann singer distanced herself from these scenes. However, new recordings that are now circulating on the Internet may seem to contradict this. Because on this video she also raises her arm - for example for the Hitler salute?

Is Melanie Müller more involved than expected?

While it initially looked like only a few viewers were doing the Hitler salute, a new video is said to show that Melanie Müller also raises her arm in greeting – and not just once. As our research has shown, it seems to be the same performance in Leipzig that made headlines at the beginning of the week. This is supported by her outfit, which she wears in both videos, as well as the location, which seems to be the same. In the video we show exactly what our verification team found out.

RTL reporter Daniel Spliethoff, who is well acquainted with right-wing structures through research, also took a closer look at the latest video. “We know about the Rowdies Eastside Club that the members are militantly right-wing extremists. From my point of view, the ice on which Melanie Müller moves is getting thinner and thinner. Because she knew who she was performing in front of, who the audience was. And the movement can hardly be interpreted other than as a Hitler salute,” is his assessment.

In the video: Nazi slogans at Melanie Müller's concert

 Melanie Müller: Nazi slogans at her concert

Melanie Müller reacts to the new recordings

Just a few days ago, Melanie Müller asserted: 'If I had known what kind of event it was, what kind of audience was coming to my concert, I would have stopped.'

RTL has tried several times to contact the 34-year-old. However, she does not respond to our calls. However, according to 'Bild' she is said to have explained: 'I have been on stage for eleven years and always do these hand movements. Not from a right-wing extremist background, but zig-zag-zig-zag, exactly the way I do it there.”

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