New year, new shapes: these are the three eyebrow trends for 2023


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 New year, new shapes: these are the three eyebrow trends for 2023
Kendall Jenner (left) and Leni Klum attach great importance to their eyebrow styling. © imago/NurPhoto / imago images/NurPhoto, SpotOn

Lifted, of course

Eyebrows should not be underestimated in the beauty routine. After all, they form a kind of frame for the face and can make us look completely different depending on the styling, color and shape. In the new year 2023 three different variants are announced. Overall, however, the trend is still towards naturalness.

Lifted, of course

Laminated brows are the result of a so-called beauty treatment. This gives our eyebrows a kind of lifting, which means that the fine hairs are shaped with an adhesive that lasts for up to four weeks. Ideally, the procedure should be carried out by a professional who then adapts the brows to our face shape. The result: The eyebrows come into their own much better, but still look natural, such as with young model Leni Klum (18).

The straight variant

Another natural variant are straight eyebrows, which are particularly popular in 2023. That means: no dramatic arches, no thin lines, not too much and not too little color. A perfect example is provided by singer Miley Cyrus (30). The styling is very easy: With an eyebrow pencil, trace the natural contour from the inside out and fix the hair with some gel. Another tip: Don't pluck and cut too much, let the hairs grow instead. This makes shaping easier and the brows look effortlessly natural.

Extravagant: Light Brows

The trendy light brows might take some getting used to for many. The trend is currently still mainly seen on the catwalks at Fashion Weeks or on models like Kendall Jenner (27). So far, the main focus here has been on bleaching. This year we are resorting to more make-up and are thus opting for a somewhat more subtle variant. Light eyebrow pencils and eyebrow gel are often enough to create a completely new look with subtle light brows.

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