Next love milestone: Julian Classen meets Tanja Makarić's parents


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Julian Claßen cuddles with his new flame Tanja
Julian Claßen now stands by his new girlfriend – and she stands by him too. © Instagram

Love in a hurry – Julian Claßen (29) does not seem to want to wait to make his love official. After separating from his wife Bianca Claßen in May 2022, swimmer Tanja Makarić is the new woman at his side . She seems to have managed to mend his broken heart. After presenting his young happiness to the public, he is apparently now ready for the next step.

Julian Claßen in touch with the family

In most cases, anyone who introduces the new partner to the family is absolutely certain that the relationship will last. So Julian Classen can be happy, his Tanja seems to be absolutely serious about him. In a Q&A she has now revealed that she has now taken the YouTuber to her parents' house. It is not known whether she has already met Julian's parents.

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It's still quiet around Julian's ex Bibi

While Julian is enjoying his new love life to the fullest and doesn't shy away from sharing insights with his Instagram followers, his wife Bibi has become pretty quiet. The influencer has almost completely disappeared from social networks. And a chance meeting with a fan in a fashion store recently gave cause for concern. The Bibi supporter, who was lucky enough to be able to take a photo with her idol, explained after the moment of surprise: 'She's not doing well at all.' It remains to be hoped that she won't be completely broken by her ex-partner's new love happiness . (cch)

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