Nick Cannon: This is how the 5 mothers of his 8 children understand each other


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 US comedian Nick Cannon: This is how the mothers of his children understand each other
Nick Cannon has 8 children with 5 different women. © taniavolobueva/, SpotOn

US-Comedian Nick Cannon (41) is the born family man. Together with five women he has a total of eight children - and Baby nine and ten are already on their way . With so many mothers, it would be absolutely understandable if someone didn't understand each other. However, according to a source, the opposite is true!

'He's doing his best to juggle it all...'

As an insider of 'Entertainment Tonight' reports, the five women actually get along pretty well. Family life should run as smoothly as possible, as 'the mothers of Nick Cannon's children are for the most part warm and respectful of one another.' They would mainly concern themselves with their own lives and would only interfere if something affected them. Bre Tiesi (31) , the mother of Cannon's two-month-old son Legendary Love, told Entertainment Tonight: 'We can all speak to the assistant to make sure it's on the calendar when something important comes up. But if you say you need anything from him, this man is right there. So you know, we have X, Y and Z, it's on the calendar and it's here.”

The source confirms: 'The moms have a great relationship with Nick and he's doing his best to make it all work together [and] making time for everyone,' says the source.

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 Nick Cannon becomes a father for the 10th time

The (ex) wives of Nick and his children:

His children's mothers include: Ex-wife Mariah Carey (53) , with whom the comedian has twins Moroccan and Monroe (11), Brittany Bell (34) , who gave birth to son Golden (5) and daughter Powerful Queen (1), Abby de la Rosa (31), with whom he has twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir (1), and Bre Tiesi, who has son Legendary Love gave.

But that's not all: Abby de la Rosa is pregnant again – and Nick is said to be the father! And model Brittany Bell also lets the baby bomb burst together with him! So it looks like he'll soon be a father to ten kids - maybe he wants to start a football team in the future?

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