Nicolas Cage Reveals 'Face/Off 2' Plot


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 Nicolas Cage reveals plot of"Face/Off 2"
Cult star Nicolas Cage reveals how a sequel to 'In the Body of the Enemy' would turn out. © Denis Makarenko, SpotOn

Youngsters play a role

A sequel to the cult film 'Face/Off' (German title: 'In the Body of the Enemy') has been in the air for several years. Nicolas Cage (59) and John Travolta (68) memorably swapped faces in John Woo's (76) 1997 action masterpiece. The possible sequel 'Face/Off 2' is to be directed by 'Godzilla vs. Kong' filmmaker Adam Wingard (40). Speaking to Collider, superstar Cage has now revealed the first details of the plot: 'I think 'Face/Off' is a sequel that would be full of twists, turns and unpredictability. If you then also include the idea of ​​the offspring - that Castor and Sean have kids and they grow up - it's going to be like three-dimensional chess.'

In fact, 1997's 'Face/Off' featured Adam, played by David McCurley, the son of Cage's character Castor Troy, and Jamie, the daughter of Travolta's character Sean Archer, played by Dominique Swain (42). And so Cage continues in an interview with 'Collider': 'And then it's not just the two of us, John Travolta and I, there are four playing ping-pong [...] and it gets even more complex'. According to Cage, this idea for a sequel would offer 'a lot of fertile ground'.

What are the chances of a 'Face/Off' sequel?

Whether 'In the Body of the Enemy 2' will ever start production cannot be said with certainty at the moment. Already announced in 2019 as a remake with completely new actors, Wingard was signed in February 2021, but since then no progress has been made public on the project. It seems to be simmering in the so-called development hell of Hollywood. Cage also reveals in an interview: 'I might have had a meeting in an office, but I haven't heard anything since then, so I don't know'.

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