Nicolas Puschmann shows up again with a different hair color


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 Actor Nicolas Puschmann in the role of Dr. Richard Schilling in the RTL pre-evening series Unter Uns poses in the backstage of the MMC studios in Ossendorf. Cologne, May 30th, 2022 NRW Germany *** Actor Nicolas Puschmann in the role of Dr Richard S
Nicolas Puschmann tries out many new things in January. And his hair feels it clearly. © IMAGO/Panama Pictures, IMAGO/Christoph Hardt,

Did he regret his latest type change? Only recently had itself Nicolas Puschmann (31) his mane bleached: on the head of first 'Prince Charming' was suddenly peroxide blond hair. A stark change from the original brunette. After just a week, that's already the end of it.

He wants to try a lot of new things

It was a brief spectacle: Earlier this year, Nicolas secretly dyed his hair blonde. The change was subject to the self-imposed challenge: 'Try January'. It's a trend designed to make you do something you've never done before. The blonde hair wasn't well received by fans, but the 31-year-old explained: 'It may always be such a big thing for a lot of people. Change or try something new . But folks – it inspires, it invigorates and to be honest: if you don’t like it, you can change it again, undo it again.” And he has now followed exactly this advice himself – and is back to brown again!

On his reel, which again shows the before and after transformation, he writes: 'The witch of the west is back' (a character from the musical 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz').

And what do the fans say about it this time? 'I just think dark is better than blonde,' says one. Another user notes: 'For a long time, the hair doesn't do that anymore, my dear!' Another follower finally correctly states: 'As long as your character remains so fabulous, the hair color doesn't matter!'

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 Nicolas Puschmann shows photos from thicker times

Special hairstyle for 'Special Weekend'?

We are excited to see what else Nicolas will try in “Try January”. He still has half a month ahead of him. (rbe)

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