No eye contact, no closeness: Harry and William kept their distance


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  Prince William (left) and Prince Harry did not seek closeness.
Prince William (left) and Prince Harry did not seek closeness. © Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images, SpotOn

Since the resignation of Prinz Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) the relationship with brother is considered high-ranking royals Prince William (40) as hypothermic. Particular attention was paid to Queen's State Funeral therefore given to the dealings of the two brothers with one another.

Distance between the two families so as not to distract from the funeral?

Before the State funeral on Monday (September 19) Harry and William, along with other family members, walked in a procession to Westminster Abbey behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth (1926-2022) side by side. They didn't look at each other or exchange words – apparently not even during the subsequent service, where their wives, Duchess Meghan and Princess Kate (40 ), joined them. The two couples avoided any interaction with each other.

The funeral service was later held at St George's Chapel in Windsor. Prince William, Princess Kate and their children Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, waited at the head of the front pew to let Harry and Meghan pass before taking their own seats. There was no touch or nod at that moment either. The British 'Guardian' assumes that this behavior served not to distract from the state funeral.

  Here Princess Charlotte cries for her great-grandmother

Sweet moment between Harry and Charlotte

As the 'Daily Mail' reports, Prince Harry gave his niece Charlotte a smile. The two sat next to each other in St. George's Chapel. In one moment, the seven-year-old adjusted her hat and looked over at her uncle. Harry glanced up, caught her eye, and smiled at her.

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