Noah Becker, Shania Geiss and Leni Klum: How much money do celebrity kids really make?


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  Leni Klum, Noah Becker & Co.: The celebrity kids are really that successful
Leni Klum, Noah Becker & Co.: The celebrity kids are really that successful © action press; IMAGO/Independent Photo Agency Int.; Instagram/shaniageiss

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Are they following in their famous parents' footsteps, or are they following a different path? Many celebrity kids are faced with the difficult decision of which career they want to pursue in their youth. Noah Becker (29) , Shania Geiss (18) and Leni Klum (18) have long since made a name for themselves and earn their money as DJs, artists or models. But does the prominent name work wonders? And how much money does the offspring of Boris Becker (55), the Geissens and Co. really make? We checked with industry experts.

'The VIP art kids are a very special genre in the art market'

Children of actors, musicians, entertainers and athletes are often the focus of public attention from an early age. Many of them emulate their parents and choose a career in the spotlight. The status of the celebrity children is obviously a good starting point – especially for aspiring artists like us Wolfram Kons (58 ) explained. The RTL moderator is also an art expert and knows the scene very well.

“The VIP art kids are a very special category in the art market. Because most of the time, people first look at the name and the person, the parents, and only then at their art,” says the industry expert. 'That's a blessing and a curse: on the one hand, there is a great deal of attention for her work, which many young, highly talented artists who have received excellent training at art academies would be extremely happy about.'

The disadvantage: Wolfram knows that the art itself is often lost at the vernissages of prominent young artists, since it's mostly just about parties and shows. But: “They also attract people to galleries who otherwise have nothing to do with art. That's basically okay if it's not just about the self-portrayal of the party guests, but also about the artistic work.'

Noah Becker - Artist, DJ, Bassist, Designer

Noah Becker was the son of tennis legend Boris Becker (55) and his first wife Barbara Becker (56) early acquaintance with the thunderstorm of flashbulbs. Today the 29-year-old is a star himself. Born in Munich, he is a true jack of all trades and has been extremely successful as an artist, DJ, bass player and designer.

That Noah now sells his works of art for five-digit sums and exhibits them all over the world , comes as no surprise to Wolfram Kons. Because he was practically born with the talent and interest. “The wonderful Barbara Becker, herself the daughter of a great Düsseldorf photographer, has always had a great affinity for art. She passed on this enthusiasm, this inspiration, to her son Noah,' says the expert. 'If art, which alongside music is just one form of expression of his creativity, isn't just a temporary process of self-discovery for him, something great can develop there,' Wolfram is certain.

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  Noah Becker: Why art is his therapy

Elias Becker - model, designer and DJ

Also Noah's younger brother Elias Becker got a job in the limelight. The 23-year-old is with the Zurich agency Visage as Model signed and has been featured on the cover of Vanity Teen magazine. In addition to photo shoots, Elias, who was voted Britain's most eligible bachelor in 2021 , also booked for catwalk appearances such as at the 'Fashion Week' in Berlin.

Together with his brother, he recently landed a deal worth millions. The Becker boys are now starting out as a designer duo for the 'Mac Jeans' brand. According to 'Bild', the basic fee for the cooperation is 300,000 euros. The two men are also said to receive around 1.50 euros per pair of jeans, which could well result in millions in profit.

And that's not the only joint venture of the successful sibling couple. As DJ duo 'Noah & Elias' they performed at various festivals in the summer of 2022. As can be seen on their new joint Instagram account, the two were on stage at the 'Le Salon Privé Open Air' in Berlin and at the 'Sacred Ground Festival'.

Leni Klum - model and designer

Two years ago, the daughter of Heidi Klum (49) through! graces today Leni Klum (18) the cover of German Vogue, walks the catwalk for well-known designers such as 'Dolce & Gabbana', poses with Mama Heidi for the lingerie label 'Intimissimi' and even has her own collection with the online retailer 'About You.' Last year, the influencer even launched her own shoe creation for Fila, which was exclusively available from Deichmann.

It almost sounds like the model has put a pretty penny aside. A PR and marketing expert revealed to RTL: 'Leni should have received a seven-figure sum for cooperations like that with 'About You' or 'Deichmann'. In addition, she will also receive a commission for each item sold” – a considerable sum that the 18-year-old was able to land through this cooperation alone. And then there are the other jobs...

Shania Geiss - influencer and artist

Shania Geiss (18) is the younger daughter of the millionaire couple Carmen Geiss (57) and Robert Geiss (58) . And the 18-year-old obviously inherited her business acumen from entrepreneur dad Robert. Then: Shania is an amateur artist and seems to make a lot of ash with it.

Most recently, the reality star sold a picture on the online marketplace 'Ebay' - in an online auction. The top bid on her teddy painting was - brace yourself - €25,790! That's quite a sum for someone who's just starting out and hasn't made a name for himself in the art scene.

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But was that just luck or actual interest? Moderator and art expert Wolfram Kons has a very clear opinion on this: “The prices for the work of the VIP art kids are often very speculative. And unfortunately they are often deliberately manipulated by the affluent environment of the up-and-coming artists, especially when such pictures make it to auctions. You can use lunar bids to push the price up in a way that attracts public attention.” Wolfram explains further: “An illusion is created for the art market that a picture, a sculpture, is already being traded in price regions in which the works have no place yet .”

Wolfram also makes it clear: “But the VIP art kids also deserve every chance for artistic development. Like every person who feels called to create art.”

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  The Geissens are now making art

Carter Agassi - painter

Just like Noah Becker and Shania Geiss, Carter Agassi is also into art. Do not you know? The last name will certainly sound familiar to you. Correct: The 26-year-old is related to Andre Agassi (52) – more precisely, she is the niece of the former tennis star.

Carter paints celebrity portraits on wooden pallets. And can make a good living from it. Her works, which she describes as industrial pop art, have already been available for purchase at exhibitions such as “Art Basel” in Miami Beach. According to Archysport, the works cost up to 12,000 euros. It certainly helps when the prominent family has your back. Carter's uncle Andre and also her no less famous aunt Steffi Graf (53) support them again and again with appearances at their vernissages.

“With many VIP art kids, the approach is not very serious, there is often no serious artistic training. That art comes from skill is a banal wisdom. Above all, however, is the joy of art – in creating and looking at it. If that succeeds, the VIP art kids will also have their right to exist,” concludes expert Wolfram Kons.

And at the end of the day, all art (and how much it is worth) is in the eye of the beholder.

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