North West transforms into her dad Kanye 'Ye' West


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Doppelganger Alert!

Who is dancing with Kim Kardashian (42) because in this TikTok video? Looks a lot like ex-husband and scandal rapper Kanye „Ye“ West . But he is not. Behind his Mini-Me version is someone else. And she probably loves Kanye despite all the trouble.

Little Kanye West

That North West (9), the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West , has a soft spot for make-up, she has already proven it. She proudly presents countless lipsticks, make-up palettes and make-up sets to her fans on TikTok. She has now proven what she can do with the extensive collection.

Made up like her dad's doppelganger, she now dances around in front of the camera with Mama Kim. And not only the unmistakable 'Kayne beard' is a clear sign that the singer is to be recreated here, the contouring and the made-up hairline are also spot on. Did she really manage it on her own or did she get some help from Makeup pro Kim Kardashian got? That will probably remain a secret. But if the transformation really is North West's own work of art, then there must be a new make-up artist growing up here!

Double als Statement?

After all negative headlines surrounding Kanye the daughter is at least showing that she loves him. But that doesn't mean she's also a fan of his actions.

'Ye' has recently attracted attention for anti-Semitic comments on Twitter, insults by a Vogue editor or praise for Adolf Hitler. The 9-year-old herself is supposed to be loud Kim didn't notice anything about it. The It girl revealed last month that she is doing everything she can to ensure her children don't find out about her father's various controversies. Is that a good tactic?

So, unaware of the extreme commotion surrounding the dad, she posts a video that must have put a smile on Kanye's face. She's probably forgiven for the video from the day before, in which she dances to the song 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift (33), who is known to be her father Kanye's 'nemesis'. (rbe)

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