Now Peter Klein expresses himself: How badly the Fremdgeh-Zoff affects him


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  Peter Klein is in touch with an update

Cheating rumors, allegations on Instagram, verbal exchange of blows: It goes back and forth in Iris and Peter Klein's War of the Roses. After Iris ghosted her husband on Instagram, he now reports to the social network with a personal statement about the affair rumors. One thing becomes clear: the allegations of his wife Iris Klein put Peter to good use. You can see in our video how the 63-year-old is trying to clear his head and what is particularly stressful for him.

Peter Klein: 'It could be better, but you live!'

The spatial distance between the spouses does not make the whole thing any better. Peter is on the sidelines of the RTL show 'I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!' in Australia to give his son-in-law Lucas Cordalis emotional support. But Peter suddenly has completely different concerns: Because suddenly his wife Iris Klein, the mother of Daniela Katzenberger, publicly accuses him of adultery on Instagram. Iris is sure that her Peter cheated on her with Yvonne Woelke, actress and Djamila Rowe's jungle companion. And Iris brings out heavy artillery on Instagram, threatens to separate.

  In her Instagram story, the injured Iris Klein rages against her husband Peter in the middle of the night.
In her Instagram story, the injured Iris Klein rages against her husband Peter in the middle of the night. © instagram: iris_klein_mama

Peter Klein and Iris' alleged rival Yvonne Woelke immediately denied having anything to do with each other.

Reading tips: SHE should have something with Peter Klein - now Yvonne Woelke is speaking!

Friends on site and at home also come to their aid. But Iris doesn't seem to believe her husband Peter and Yvonne's husband is beginning to have doubts about his wife's faithfulness. Because yes, Yvonne is also married.

  Peter Klein is sticking to his relationship with his Iris.
Peter Klein is sticking to his relationship with his Iris. © Instagram/ peterklein_official

On Instagram, Peter tries to calm things down a bit: He's fine, but he also lets it be known that the current situation isn't exactly easy for him: 'It could be better, but you're alive.' as if his mood was moderate: 'Far from home and then such a crap in the ass. Nobody needs something like that,” says Peter contritely.

  What Iris Klein Yvonne Woelke wrote

When will Iris and Peter Klein finally speak out?

Have he and Iris spoken to each other in the meantime? Peter does not comment on this. Iris is also visibly touched by the whole marriage. On Monday (January 23) she shares a photo on her Instagram story. In the meantime, she can't even unlock her cell phone because her eyes are too teary.

Yvonne Woelke, who got along too well with Peter Klein for Iris' taste at the Hotel Versace, still keeps her composure and has a clear demand on Iris : a conversation between three. Let's see what Iris answers. Because one thing is clear in this War of the Roses: the last word has not yet been spoken.

  Iris Klein is concerned about her husband's alleged affair.
Iris Klein is concerned about her husband's alleged affair. © Instagram

Peter Klein now wants to concentrate on his job in Australia

But now Peter Klein wants to do what he actually came to Australia for: If son-in-law Lucas is chosen from the camp, Peter should be there for him. And will have to explain a few things to him first. Because Lucas didn't notice any of this in the jungle.

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