'Oh god, I hate that': King Charles vents his anger again


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"Oh Gott, ich hasse das": König Charles macht erneut seinem Ärger Luft
King Charles III is currently on the road almost non-stop. © imago/UPI Photo, SpotOn

Pen causes stress

King Charles III (73) has shown little royality for the second time in four days and vented his anger. This time, he was troubled by a leaking pen at a ceremony in Northern Ireland. In front of the camera, the new monarch signed a guest book at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast. The pen he used apparently leaked, as shown by a clip published by the Guardian, among others. The king then scolded the pen: 'Oh god, I hate it!'

His wife, Queen Camilla (75), who was also present, then remarked on Charles's apparently soiled hand: 'Oh look, it goes everywhere.' Her husband's response: 'I can't take this damn thing...every damn time.' The monarch had also used the wrong date in the entry before checking with a staff member who gave him the correct day.

Busy schedule

The new king has an extremely busy schedule. The visit to Northern Ireland was part of a tour of the UK he took following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) on 8 September. A recording by Charles had already caused a stir on Saturday. Supposedly annoyed, he had waved a hand at employees to remove a pen holder and pens from a desk that had gotten in the way of him signing documents.

There was not only criticism for this on social media, many users also showed understanding for Charles, who mourns the loss of his mother and has to keep numerous appointments. Even after his trouble with the pen, many people on Twitter express their sympathy. 'That's called grief,' is a comment on the short video from Northern Ireland.

Charles is now back in London. Today, Wednesday, the coffin containing Queen Elizabeth II will be transferred from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. The procession will be accompanied by King Charles III, his siblings Princess Anne (72), Prince Edward (58) and Prince Andrew (62) and his sons Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (37). The Queen's state funeral will take place on September 19 at London's Westminster Abbey.

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