Olena Selenska about life with her children during the war


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 Olena Selenska
Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska speaks openly about life with children at war. © action press, ActionPress, TO

February marks the first anniversary of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. Life in the country in Eastern Europe has changed from the ground up - especially the children suffer. The wife of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Selenskyj (44), Olena Selenska (44), now explains how she tries to give her children a reasonably normal life.

Normality despite war?

Childhood is a time when children should be able to romp freely and play with friends. That hasn't been possible in Ukraine for almost a year: 'All children in Ukraine understand what's going on, including mine,' Olena explains in an interview with US broadcaster CNN. 'You can't hide anything from them, and we don't try to.'

In her own family, she and her husband tried to continue a 'normal life'. As good as that is possible given the current situation. 'Children should lead a well-organized and well-structured life,' says the 44-year-old. 'I try to cuddle with my kids, to calm them down and to cheer them up.'

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'We shouldn't give up!'

Barely two months after the start of the war, Olena was over spoke openly about their dealings with the topic and their children : “In the beginning there was no time for emotions. We had to take care of the children. So I tried to be confident, smile and explain to them that now everyone has to go downstairs together,' she told British Vogue at the time.

The presidential couple of Ukraine will celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary in September this year. It has two children : In 2004 their daughter Oleksandra was born, in 2013 their son Kyrylo. Olena tries to maintain a certain normality for her. That includes schoolwork.

Because in the current interview, the 44-year-old also looks ahead. “We shouldn't be discouraged. We shouldn't give up,' she said confidently. 'Because we know that post-war Ukraine needs educated young people who will rebuild our country and normalcy.'

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