Oli P: That's why he hasn't drunk alcohol for six years


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Oliver Petszokat alias Oli.P has not been drinking alcohol for several years.
Oliver Petszokat aka Oli P. hasn't been drinking alcohol for several years. © BANG Showbiz

A glass of sparkling wine to toast the new year? A beer for your birthday? Not for Was P. ! The pop star has consistently avoided alcohol for a long time. The 44-year-old now reveals the reasons for his abstinence to his colleague Thomas Anders (59) in his podcast 'Modern Talking - Simply Different'.

Oli P. has been abstinent for six years

Alcohol is part of everyday life for many people, but for Oli P. high-proof drinks have been taboo for six years. 'I'm on the highway so much, I drive myself for all my jobs,' the singer explains his decision in an interview with Thomas Anders.

And it also got with the illness of his wife Pauline to do. 'I am responsible for my wife.' That's why he decided for himself: 'I always want to be the master of my senses and I thought about it, I won't do that anymore.' The background: Pauline was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago. In March 2020 she underwent a successful operation. After that, a long road to recovery began for her.

 Oli.P with his wife Pauline
Oli P. with his wife Pauline in November 2022 while recording a TV show © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA, www.imago-images.de

'I'm also concerned about my wife's health'

The musician doesn't seem to be missing anything. But: In general, the couple would like to enjoy a glass of wine together again. Due to Pauline's illness, however, this is not simply possible, Oli P. reveals: 'It's also about my wife's health. Because of her medication, you can't do it like that.' Finally, the TV star adds with a wink: 'Maybe the moment will come and we'll enjoy a case of wine.' (tma)

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