Olly Murs: Awesome six-pack transformation despite knee injury


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Singer Olly Murs shows his blatant change on Instagram.
Singer Olly Murs shows his blatant change on Instagram. © Instagram

Olly Murs (38) don't give up! Despite his injured knee the singer has been training hard to get his body in shape. With success - as he now impressively proves on Instagram with before and after pictures.

Olly Murs: 'You know who I am and I won't stop for anyone!'

'Put on your positive pants and get on with the day,' Olly Murs captioned the pic, which shows his stunning front and profile body transformation. In a direct comparison, you can clearly see how hard the singer must have trained for his new six-pack.

And even if his operated knee is obviously still causing him problems, the 38-year-old doesn't want to be restricted by it: 'The fact is that my knee will never be normal again, but it won't stop me from being on stage or bouncing around in life. You know who I am and I won't stop for anyone!'

Olly Murs has operated on his knee several times

Olly has had to have multiple knee operations, most recently in February 2022. As a result, the singer had to cancel his summer concerts with a heavy heart .

In June 2019 he had his first 'severe knee operation', as he announced on Instagram at the time almost lost his leg to blood poisoning . At the time, he had undergone reconstruction of his anterior cruciate ligament 'after I was told that by the time I was 40 I would need a knee replacement if I didn't do it'.

Then in July 2021 the renewed shock: At a concert, after the second song, Olly injured her knee again when she jumped on stage. A splinter of bone had apparently found its way into his knee and had lodged itself in the hollow of the knee. Result according to Olly: 'My leg was paralyzed.'

Despite all the health setbacks, the Brit is positive about the future and has in the summer engaged to his girlfriend Amelia and wants to jump around on stage again soon. Well, if that isn't a happy prospect... (jve)

 Olly Murs proposed to his girlfriend
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