On 'RTL Exclusiv': Bella Lesnik moderates with 'One Love' bandage on her arm


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Bella Lesnik makes a statement on RTL Exclusiv

RTL exclusive presenter Bella Lesnik shows attitude: On Monday evening she led through the show with a 'One Love' bandage. “There must always be room for diversity and tolerance. No matter where. Especially these days,' Bella underlines her statement.

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On social media, Bella gets a lot of encouragement for her silent statement. 'Super Bella', praises someone in the comment column of the RTL Exclusiv account on Instagram. Another finds: 'Very good posture!'

What does the 'One Love' pad stand for?

  ARCHIVE - September 21, 2022, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: Football: National team, Germany, Nations League, before the games against Hungary and England, press conference, DFB campus: The special captain's armband as a sign against discrimination and for diversity
The One Love captain's armband stands for tolerance, among other things. © dpa, Sebastian Gollnow

The 'One Love' bandage is intended to set an example against any form of discrimination and to draw attention to abuses in Qatar. The campaign is for the observance of human and women's rights, equality, freedom of expression and against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

A sign that national soccer player Manuel Neuer initially wanted to wear at the World Cup games of the German national team in Qatar. On Monday afternoon, the disappointing news from the German Football Association swept the country: they were being fired because of threatened FIFA sanctions do without the rainbow symbol. Germany and other nations buckle. And if Manuel Neuer doesn't wear the statement on his arm, then RTL presenter Bella Lesnik.

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The escalation surrounding the 'One Love' armband of the European World Cup captains around Manuel Neuer reached far beyond the borders of Qatar. In addition to the head of the German Football Association, the British government and members of the Bundestag also criticized FIFA's harsh threat, which is hard to understand. He wanted to sportively sanction the associations involved in the symbolic campaign - if they would send the 'One Love' sign out into the world. This World Cup can hardly be more political.

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'In my view, this is a demonstration of power by FIFA,' said DFB President Bernd Neuendorf on Monday at the German national team's training ground in northern Qatar. 'From our point of view, this is more than frustrating and also an unprecedented event in the history of the World Cup.'

In addition to the DFB, the other seven European associations also forego the captain's armband because of the massive FIFA pressure. The first professional to be affected was England captain Harry Kane in Monday afternoon's game against Iran. In place of the striker, former international Alex Scott wore the 'One Love' armband on the sidelines during a live broadcast on English TV and was celebrated on social media. Kane and also the Dutchman Virgil van Dijk each led their teams onto the field with the FIFA armband with the slogan 'No Discrimination'. (dpa/rla)

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