One year after death: Widow and 'Full House' stars remember Bob Saget


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  One year after death: widow and"Full House"-Stars erinnern an Bob Saget
Bob Saget passed away on January 9, 2022. © carrie-nelson/ImageCollect, SpotOn

Emotional Posts

Kelly Rizzo (43) commemorates the 'Full House' star on the first anniversary of her husband's death, Bob Saget (1956-2022). 'One year. Our hearts are so heavy,' Rizzo wrote on Instagram. 'How can I not have spoken to or seen my beloved husband for a whole year? The surreality never fades. I accepted reality a long time ago, but it still seems unreal when I see photos or videos of him who are so full of life.' She also posted pictures and videos of her and Saget, including from vacation.

The comedian's widow also wrote, among other things: 'I'm the happiest' - because she 'got to be his wife' and 'lived with his warmth, his laughter, his brilliance and his love' and 'have his girls by my side can'.

The actor and comedian was found dead in an Orlando hotel room on January 9, 2022. He died as a result of a head injury. Bob Saget starred as single father Danny Tanner on the sitcom Full House from 1987 to 1995. From 2016 he was also in the reboot 'Fuller House'. Saget is survived by his wife, Kelly Rizzo, and three daughters from his first marriage.

Co-stars commemorate Saget

'Full House' star Dave Coulier (63) also posted a tribute to Saget on Instagram on the first anniversary of his death. 'Bob could always bring out the fifth grader in me,' he captioned a photo of Saget. 'I met him when I was an unknown 18-year-old stand-up in a small club in Detroit. We became brothers instantly. I still reach for my phone sometimes, ready to share any of the hundreds of silly things that have happened we did together.' Today he will think of 'how much I miss him and I will shed a few tears. Then I will hear Bob's voice and it will make me laugh'.

John Stamos (59) also commemorates Saget. The actor shared a video apparently taken between takes on the set of Full House. In the clip, the duo joke with the audience about the cast's special bond with the series, with Stamos stressing, 'What you see here is really what it is.' The actor wrote of the clip: 'Sometimes it's hard without you Bob but we'll try. We'll keep loving and hugging just like you wanted us to. I can't believe it's been a year time probably flies when you're grieving.'

Co-star Candace Cameron Bure, 46, added in a post that she spent the first anniversary of Saget's death remembering him through videos. 'I stayed up for hours watching videos of Bob on my phone,' she wrote on Instagram, adding an old photo of herself sitting next to Saget. 'Videos I couldn't watch a year ago because it hurt too much. Last night they made me laugh. They comforted me and warmed my heart. I watched them over and over and laughed so hard. I miss him so much and I am grateful that he was my friend for so many years.'

In addition to 'Full House' co-star Jodie Sweetin (40), who also remembered Saget, John Mayer (45), a longtime friend of the comedian, also posted a memory. Sharing a photo of Saget, the singer wrote, among many other emotional words, 'One year ago today we lost Bob Saget. I loved this guy.'

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