Oops! Ex-DSDS star Josimelonie is robbed after a one-night stand


Writed by - Andy Gocker
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Josimelonie just wanted to have a nice night...

Oops! It probably went haywire... Josephine 'Josimelonie' Jochmann (28), the woman who attracted attention at DSDS with her unforgettable melon appearance, shared an embarrassing story about herself on Tik-Tok. In her early 20s, she took a man home after a party - and wanted to have a little fun. In the end, however, the two didn't get along so well and she quickly threw the guy out again. It went, but stole it.

And then it got even more embarrassing

The young man actually just took her cell phone! Melonie then drove to the police to file a complaint. To do this, she had to tell the policeman the whole story and would have preferred to sink into the ground. Because she didn't know the man's name or what clothes he was wearing, apart from the fact that he was 'wearing Calvin Klein boxer shorts'. At least one had fun, as she says in the video: 'The policeman laughed himself sick. Really, he laughed so much that he couldn't even read the ad properly. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life'. Now she can laugh about it herself.

Josimelonie has no luck with the men

In the show 'Love in the Mind - The Wedding Experiment' Josimelonie tried to find happiness and unfortunately failed. For weeks she was on cloud nine with Ronnny and everything looked like the perfect happy ending – but then it was all over. He had decided against marrying the former DSDS candidate , but still wanted to be in a relationship with her. But that was only true as long as the cameras were rolling. After filming ended, she heard nothing more from him. She also tried her luck with 'Take Me Out'. – unsuccessful.

At that time she spoke very openly with Ralf Schmitz about her sex change and otherwise provided pep behind the desk. In the video, we show how Josimelonie aggressively advertises her “new car down there”.

Despite all the negative experiences, she remains confident: 'I still believe in love. And maybe the next one will be the right one too?” We keep our fingers crossed! (mri)

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