Open words: Sido's drug excesses destroyed his marriage to Charlotte Würdig


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sido and Charlotte Wuerdig
Rapper Sido and Charlotte Würdig got married in 2012.

It's a true drug confession that the Deutsche Rapper Been (41) has filed against the 'mirror'. He tells that at the beginning of the corona pandemic he got into a crisis and used a whole range of different drugs - which ultimately led to withdrawal and also to the acceleration of the Marriage off with the presenter Charlotte Würdig (44) has led.

Sido: 'Everything got out of hand'

Pills, speed, liquid ecstasy and cocaine belonged to Paul Würdig at that time, how Been bourgeois means, to everyday life. Apparently, the rapper lost his footing so much at the start of the pandemic that he took refuge in drugs. He said to the 'Spiegel': 'Everything got out of hand. In the end I was in a rat.'

With the help of his ex-partner Charlotte, the musician managed to free himself from the drug swamp. He went to a psychiatric clinic for withdrawal and then began therapy, which he says saved his life: 'Without the withdrawal and the physical checks in the clinic, I probably wouldn't have survived this summer.'

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family is broken

Although Sido is free from hard drugs again today, the partnership with Charlotte did not survive the crisis. After the musician got into drug and sex excesses, the presenter threw him out. Later she helped him with the important step to rehab, but her marriage and family life with their two sons was probably beyond saving.

Even if the drugs have already influenced Sido's life so much, he doesn't want to give up smoking weed. This was also 'never a problem' for him, according to Paul Würdig. Nevertheless, he recognized through the therapy that the fictional character Sido and his absent father play a major role in his problem. 'I hate Sido and I love Sido,' revealed the musician.

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