Oprah Winfrey believes in a reconciliation between William and Harry


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 Oprah Winfrey believes in a reconciliation between William and Harry
Oprah Winfrey (left) comments on the possible reconciliation between William and Harry. © AdMedia/ImageCollect / imago/i Images, SpotOn

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Ironically, talk queen Oprah Winfrey (68) speaks up in the discussion about the reunion of Prince William (40), Prince Harry (37) and their wives, Princess Kate (40) and Duchess Meghan (41). After the royals accepted expressions of condolence together after the death of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) at Windsor Castle, the disputes of the past in mourning seem to have been overcome, at least temporarily.

That's how Winfrey sees it in an interview with the American news magazine 'Extra'. It was the same in her family after her father's death this summer: 'When the family comes together for a ceremony, the ritual of burying their dead, there is an opportunity to create peace.' She hopes that Harry and William will do the same.

These are difficult situations and everyone who has faced such challenges with siblings and their partners knows that. She is sure that this is no different with the royal family. Nevertheless, she does not want to interfere in the internal affairs of the British royal family.

Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey revealed a broken family relationship

Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey in early March 2021 is seen as a turning point in the relationship between the two and the British royal court. A few months after the Megxit, Meghan accused the royal court of racist tendencies; without naming specific names. Since then, there has been more or less an ice age between William and his brother Harry.

The relationship with his father, King Charles III. (73), considered badly damaged. The younger brother of the heir to the throne, William, made the difficult relationship with his father partly responsible for his earlier mental problems.

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