Optical illusion: How quickly can you spot the horse in the reeds?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Optical illusion: frog sitting in the reeds
A frog sitting in the reeds is clearly visible in this picture. But where is a horse hiding here? © The Minds Journal

Another optical Ilusion , which plunges the network into puzzle fever. This time you have to look for a horse in the reeds. It can't be that difficult, can it?

Optical illusion reveals how determined you are

The picture has been circulating on the internet since 2006 and has just gone viral again. It shows a frog sitting on a stone in the water, with some reeds behind it. A very idyllic scene. But somewhere here, according to the online platform 'The Minds Journal', there is also a horse hiding.

Take a few seconds and look closely at the picture.

And found? Depending on how quickly you found the horse, that says a lot about your personality. In many cultures, the horse is an important living being, writes 'The Minds Journal' and stands for determination, perseverance, freedom and spirit.

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That means: The faster you recognize the horse, you have a strong sense of determination. 'With your free spirit you try to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way,' the website continues. And since a horse also represents strength, you also have the ability to observe the smallest details and find everything you are looking for.

  horse head
There it is! As soon as you rotate the picture, you can clearly see the horse's head. © The Minds Journal

A little tip: If you turn the picture to the left once, you may recognize the horse more quickly. (jbü)

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