Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry in Andernach: Employees did not initially recognize the stars


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  ARCHIVE - August 21, 2019, USA, Los Angeles: Orlando Bloom comes with his fiancee Katy Perry to the premiere of the series
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by Denise Gazweiler

Meeting up with friends for a coffee and suddenly standing up at the next table Orlando Bloom (45) and Katy Perry (38) - sounds pretty utopian in Germany, but it's not at all. Because that actually happened in Andernach!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have fallen in love with this cute cafe

are current the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star and the 'American Idol' judge on the road in Germany – in Rhineland-Palatinate to be precise. There the two discovered a cute place for themselves, which they visited several times! This is confirmed by the landlady of the “Wolke 7” café on Instagram. 'This week we were able to enjoy the visit of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom several times,' writes Swetlana Breiler and shares a 'proof photo'.

The international celebrity couple poses with the café crew in the snapshot and it becomes clear: Both Orlando and Katy opted for a casual look when they visited the small German town. Both wore caps - perhaps in the hope of not being recognized? Then the plan would have backfired... But that obviously didn't dampen the atmosphere. Because the conclusion of the owner is: 'It was nice!'

'Cloud 7' employees did not initially recognize the Hollywood couple

“They were there a few days before we really recognized them. They were then back with us and guests are easy to remember. However, they always had their caps pulled low over their faces and we had so much to do that we didn't look specifically,' Swetlana Breiler recalls in the RTL interview of the day when it suddenly clicked: 'A colleague , who served her, then said to me: 'You absolutely have to come out. There is a prominent man sitting at table 4, I just can't remember the name. Somebody from Hollywood.' Then I walked out and recognized him straight away: Orlando Bloom!'

The operator was very happy. 'I had to stifle a scream,' she tells us, laughing. Orlando and his famous companion Katy Perry were totally down to earth: 'They were dressed casually and mingled with the people.' Daughter Daisy (2) was also part of the party that day. “They had their little child with them. And the girl walked through the café in her body, her feet bare... They felt really good. They also took turns having the child on their laps,” reveals the entrepreneur.

At the end there was the so-called 'pampering breakfast' for the family - with sparkling wine, orange juice, fried eggs, cheese, sausage and more! The employees were then able to look forward to a tip of eight euros - and guests, who they will probably not soon forget.

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  Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry joking

Hollywood meets Andernach

In fact, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have been staying in the small town for a while. They were spotted shopping together earlier this month. But there is also a reason for the stay in Germany: The actor is currently in front of the camera for a role in the video game adaptation “Gran Turismo” at the Nürburgring.

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