'Out of respect' - Queen double Mary Reynolds is giving up his job


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Mary Reynolds retires.
Mary Reynolds retires. © picture alliance

She's hanging up her crown! Mary Reynolds (89) has been a professional double for 34 years Queen Elizabeth II. , but “out of respect” for the deceased monarch the royal doppelganger now wants to retire.

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'It's a change of era now'

'It was a great privilege to look like her because she's so amazing to me,' Reynolds told Newsweek. 'Now it's a new era, everything is going to be very strange at first,' the 89-year-old peers The future After 34 years in 'the service of the Majesty', the Essex-based lookalike is retiring - she has realized that this is now 'the end', 'out of respect' she is letting the job rest from now on, according to Reynolds-

She herself - like many people around the world - was sitting in front of the television when it was announced that the Queen was being placed under medical supervision and members of the royal family rushed to her in Balmoral.

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Mary Reynolds never met the Queen

Reynolds had played the Queen in several television shows and films, including the series Doctor Who and the 1990 Michael Caine Roger Moore comedy Bullseye. According to Reynolds, she was asked by a Russian news agency to follow her death to appear as Queen Elizabeth, but she declined.

Despite being one of Queen Elizabeth's biggest fans, Reynolds never met the monarch in person. She was, however, present for some of her iconic moments: 'I was at the Mall when she got married and I was at her coronation just outside Mall,' Reynolds told the magazine. After her personal 'term in office,' memories of a true one still remain queen of the century .

Other Queen lookalikes are getting more orders than ever

  Huge demand: Great Britain's professional queen double Patricia Ford is inundated with bookings
Huge demand: Great Britain's professional queen double Patricia Ford is inundated with bookings © action press, ActionPress, th

Queen double Patricia Ford deals with the death of the monarch a little differently than her ex-colleague Mary Reynolds. Instead of retiring, the 87-year-old is now earning a living. Because since the death of the Queen, Ford can hardly save himself from orders. She revealed this to the Birmingham Mail. The doppelganger demands around 1,500 euros per appearance. (lkr)

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