Pamela Anderson has never seen her own sex tape


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 Pamela Anderson has never seen her own sex tape
Pamela Anderson has banned her sex tape from her life. © Andrea Raffin/, SpotOn

'Painful' experience

In 1996, the life of 'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson (55) was turned upside down. A private sex tape the actress made with her then-husband Tommy Lee (60) was released and caused an internet sensation. The 55-year-old now confirms that she has not seen the tape to date. In the preview for her interview with 'CBS Sunday Morning' she speaks of the 'painful' experience.

Anderson hopes people will realize the tape is 'stolen property.' She and Lee were simply 'two naked people in love'. At that time, the newly married couple would always have filmed themselves. 'But those tapes weren't meant for anyone else,' she notes. The full interview will appear next Sunday (January 15).

Her sons gave her strength

As the 'People' magazine reported in advance of the interview broadcast, Anderson found strength in her sons Brandon (26) and Dylan (25): 'I was a mother, that saved me.' If she hadn't been a mother, Anderson says, she probably 'wouldn't have survived' those days.

Pamela Anderson's memoir, Love, Pamela, is out January 31 worldwide. On the same day, her related documentary 'Pamela: A Love Story' will be released on Netflix. 'I banned this tape from my life to survive. And now that everything is coming up again, I feel sick,' says the American in the trailer for the documentary.

Is Anderson shooting at the creators of 'Pam & Tommy'?

Just last year, Disney+ released the series 'Pam & Tommy,' which deals with the sex tape drama. Although Anderson does not call the series by its name, her statement appears to be against the production, which has brought her past back into people's consciousness.

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