Paralyzed Kristina Vogel: 'My sex life is more intimate than before'


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  Kristina Vogel speaks openly about sex, children and love

by Jenna von Thäne

The life of Kristina Vogel (32) changed abruptly in 2018 when the Olympic champion suffered paraplegia after a serious training accident. In an interview with RTL, she speaks openly about how her life has changed after this drastic event and asks very intimate questions about sex, children and partnership.

Kristina Vogel: 'Disability is not a bad thing!'

Kristina Vogel has been dependent on a wheelchair for around five years after a spinal injury she suffered while training in June 2018. There is no question that this accident changed a lot in her life. But the 32-year-old would like to deal openly with the issue of disability and break the stigma that often goes with it: 'We have to stop trying to identify taboo topics only among ourselves,' she explains in an interview with RTL. 'Just because I have a disability doesn't mean I have to fall into a black hole,' she says clearly. Her goal is to use her voice to create understanding with such open interviews and to help other people affected, because: 'Disability is not a bad thing!' It is important to her that people start 'talking about the issues'. . After all, the word 'disabled' is not a swear word, but an adjective like any other, which by no means has to be bad.

Kristina Vogel speaks openly about her everyday life with a disability, which of course also includes the relationship and sex life with her partner. She makes it clear at first: 'Just because I'm disabled doesn't make it crazy that I have a partner. I'm not a victim of pity who can be happy to have a partner!' And vice versa, her boyfriend Michael is also not a 'Samaritan because he kept me because I have a disability.'

Sex life with her partner is more intimate than before for Kristina Vogel

The two-time Olympic champion says in the RTL interview: 'I'm here and I ask myself the super intimate questions!' Without beating around the bush, she talks about the new intimacy that has arisen between her and her partner after the accident. “Of course it's different, but different can sometimes be nice. It's maybe just more intimate now than it used to be,' she says. 'I don't have this classic extreme earthquake like I used to. But I feel other things much, much more clearly. I feel touches in the upper body much more intensively than I felt before. Even if I don't feel the orgasm that much, I still notice that things are happening in my body,' explains Kristina, who believes that sex is more than just an orgasm: 'It's also simply opening up to your partner. It's also shy and vulnerable, maybe sometimes more than you might be in everyday life!' She also reveals: 'Yes, I can get pregnant normally.' The only question is whether she can give birth naturally or by caesarean section.

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Kristina Vogel does not mourn her old life

Kristina describes herself as a very independent woman and she clearly says that she can get on with her life and does not need a partner in her life. Nevertheless, it is of course 'nice that he is there'. She has been with her boyfriend Michael since 2005. She knows exactly 'that I can rely on him'. Especially with regard to her changed everyday life, Michael is a great help and he would make a lot of things easier for her. Kristina says he's 'kind of my legs.' But she also had to learn to 'be very clear about her needs—anywhere in the world!'

Even though Kristina admits that her strength isn't the same every day, she says very clearly in an interview: 'I no longer mourn my life as a pedestrian at all. I've had 28 wonderful years as a walking person and now I have a new life. It belongs to me!' (Jenna von Thäne/ um )

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