Patrick Dempsey, is that you? Actor surprises with new look


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 New role, new look: Patrick Dempsey is now blonde
Patrick Dempsey has gone blonde. © getty/[EXTRACTED]: Corey Nickols/Getty Images for IMDb, SpotOn

Actor fans Patrick Dempsey (56) can't believe their eyes: Is that really the 'Grey's Anatomy' star who walked the red carpet with bleached blonde hair at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, California? Not only was he, but he also revealed to Variety how much he's celebrating his new look: 'I love it, it's great. [...] Blondes have more fun, it's true.'

The new hairstyle polarizes

At the same time, his loved ones, companions and fans don't seem to know exactly how to react to the platinum blonde: 'It has upset a lot of people, they're not sure how to take it.' The new hairstyle is apparently very polarizing - 'either you love it or you hate it.'

Dempsey was at the Disney event for a special occasion. He was ceremoniously inducted into the Hall of Fame as the new 'Disney Legend'. His most famous Disney role is that of the divorce lawyer Robert in the fairy tale 'Cursed'. In the sequel 'Disenchanted', which will be released on November 24, 2022 on Disney +, he embodies the part again.

No voluntary type change

However, the actor did not voluntarily undergo the radical type change. Rather, another film engagement is responsible for it. He plays racing driver Piero Taruffi (1906-1988) in the upcoming biopic 'Ferrari' about the founder of the world famous car manufacturer, Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988). He was not only considered a pioneer of Formula 1 and motorcycle racing - he was also famous for his blonde hair. The blond Dempsey will therefore be seen at least 'for a few months', as the actor announced.

Actor Adam Driver (38) will play the role of the title character Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari's wife Laura plays Penélope Cruz (48), other roles include Shailene Woodley (30), Jack O'Connell (32) and Sarah Gadon (35). The film by director Michael Mann (79), who recently dedicated himself to a true racing drama with 'Le Mans 66 - Against Every Chance', is scheduled to hit the cinemas in 2023. (spot on news)

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