Pfarrer met the Queen four days before her death: 'There was nothing to suggest anything was wrong!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth's death came as a complete surprise to many. © german press agency

It came as a huge shock to the world when the sad news of the Queen's passing broke on Thursday (September 8). Two days earlier she had appointed the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss (47). . For many it is unbelievable that she died shortly afterwards. Now a pastor is speaking, too Queen Elizabeth II († 96) met just a few days earlier.

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She was in good spirits for her age

In an interview with The Times, Reverend Ian Greenshields met and dined with the Queen on Saturday and Sunday (September 3/4). 'To be honest, she looked quite frail, but she's 96 years old and of course it's easy to forget that,' he says of his two meetings with the British head of state. The queen was almost 100 years old. Again and again there was talk of “mobility problems” . At her meeting with the new prime minister the conspicuously purple discolored backs of their hands caused concern .

Greenshields, however, had seen an optimistic woman just a few days earlier. 'She was interested, engaging and made sure everyone was taken care of and comfortable.' There was no sign that anything was wrong.

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'It was shocking.'

And that is precisely why the news of the family rushing to the scene came as a shock to many people around the world – Ian Greenshields also says in an interview: “The news was shocking.” At Balmoral Castle, where he had eaten with the Queen and where the 96-year-old died a few days later, she spoke to him with great interest. 'She really had done her homework. She knew who she was talking to and she knew quite a bit about me. (...) She had a phenomenally good memory for someone her age.'

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She also told him, beaming with joy, about her time as a young girl at the castle: 'She spoke very warmly about the time with her father and mother there.' And at the age of 96, she was also well informed about global political events - like she was life: 'She talked about how upset she was about what was happening in Ukraine.'

On September 8, the world-famous and popular monarch died 'peacefully' at Balmoral Castle. Her children Charles (73) and Anne (72) were by her side . (vne)

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