Pietro Lombardi beams over both ears in an exclusive video message: 'Very happy'


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  The DSDS judge couldn't be happier!

Family life finally begins. Pietro Lombard (30) has been a father of two for a few days – and can hardly believe it himself. Finally, son Leano Romeo was born a few weeks early. But everyone can breathe easy: Mama Laura Maria, Baby Leano and Papa Pietro are doing well. The DSDS juror makes this clear in an exclusive message to RTL: 'We are very happy.' In the video above, we show why the alarm clock rings in the middle of the recording.

Pietro Lombardi is incredibly grateful

Pietro Lombardi has already hinted at it on Instagram: 'Our start wasn't that easy.' Countless fans worried for days because suddenly Pietro and Laura were quiet. Unusual for the engaged couple. He doesn't take it for granted that so many people kept their fingers crossed and thought about the small family. In the video, the DSDS juror thanks him – also on RTL: 'Thanks to the whole RTL team, you were also worried.' Luckily there is no reason for that anymore: 'We're fine and now we're enjoying the time at home.'

'Power Mami' Laura Maria shows up with Baby Leano

Of course, Laura Maria is also in seventh heaven. On Instagram, the new mom posts a first glimpse of her life with the baby and even shows her son's little hairy head. sugar sweet!

The 27-year-old has already been given a new nickname by Pietro: 'Power Mami'. The 30-year-old dedicated an emotional Instagram post to his fiancée and wrote: 'I know that you will be the greatest mom in the world for our little Leano. I love you and will always protect you. My family.'

Countless friends and celebrities have already congratulated on Instagram – including Pietro's ex Sarah Engels. Pietro already has a son with her, who has now become a big brother for the second time. You can see how Alessio sees little Leano in the hospital for the first time in the video below.

In the video: Here Alessio meets his little brother Leano

  Pietro reports for the first time after the birth of Leano

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