Pietro Lombardi follows up with Sarah Engels in hair beef: 'Would never do anything behind her back'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Haar-Beef at Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels
Haar-Beef at Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels © picture alliance / Panama Pictures | Christoph Hardt / Geisler-Fotopress | Nicole Kubelka/Geisler-

What a hairy affair! After the public debate between the ex-couple Pietro Lombardi (30) and Sarah Engels (29) the singer has now added. And hints that his exes aren't so clueless about their son's new haircut Alessio (7), who sparked trouble, was how she does it.

Pietro doesn't want to start a hunt, but...

What's really going on in the hairstyle drama? The musician who soon became DSDS -Judge alongside Dieter Bohlen (68) took off, made a clear, ambiguous statement in a new interview. The former DSDS participant said to “Bild”:

'She knows the truth about the whole hair thing. What people think or what she says, how shocked she is that she supposedly didn't know anything ... I'll leave it at that. I don't want to start a hunt here. If Sarah says she didn't know anything, I'll leave it at that. She knows the truth.”

Blonde mohawk got the ball rolling

And the fact that he emphasizes twice here that the singer knows the truth strongly suggests that she couldn't actually be as surprised about the boy's new look as it seemed.

What started the hair misery? Taking a snapshot that Pietro with his new love, Laura Maria Rypa (26), and showed their son with Sarah, Engels had commented: 'What on earth happened to my son's hair?' This recently wears a blond mohawk. 'I would never do anything behind her back. Sarah knows when I cut his hair – for seven years,' scissors dad Pietro makes clear. It almost sounds as if he had Sarah's Iro approved beforehand. Or enjoy her blind (if not blonde) trust as Alessio's private hairdresser. However, it is important for him to emphasize that he does not want to “rush” against his ex.

In the video: Engels laughs away at the hair dispute

  Sarah Engels simply laughs away blondie beef around Alessio

Sarah Engels sees herself as 'stricter'

And Engels? Smiled the question to RTL in an interview on the carpet politely, but definitely away. She didn't want to say anything about the matter, but emphasized at the same time that she was 'the stricter one'.

Will this blondie drama ever thin like old age hair? Like people whose hair coloring is just taking effect at the hairdresser, we all have only one thing left to do: wait patiently. (us)

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