Pietro Lombardi: It's better to keep baby news to yourself


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 Pietro Lombardi: It's better to keep baby news to yourself
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Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa would have preferred to keep their baby news secret from some people afterwards.

The couple is currently expecting their first child together. For Pietro, who already has seven-year-old Alessio with singer Sarah Engels, it is the second. When the couple shared the happy news, fans rejoiced with them and there was plenty of encouragement. Now Laura revealed that some people around her apparently did not react as desired.

In a question and answer session on Instagram, the influencer answered a fan's question as to what week the couple told friends and family about the pregnancy. She said: 'Actually, the closest directly when we knew it.' But: 'Unfortunately, that was a mistake for some people to whom we entrusted it, but you learn from it for the next time.' Laura reveals exactly what happened not in her Insta-Story, but refers to her and Pietro's podcast, in which she will soon go into more detail on the subject.

Apparently, the situation was so extreme that the pregnancy news caused a couple of relationships to break down. Another fan asked: 'Did you both lose friendships when you got together?' To which Laura replies: 'The whole thing is a very emotional, difficult and sad topic: I wouldn't say that we, just because we got together, lost friendships. But through the partner you just get to know the right people in the area. ”The baby news in particular then apparently separated the wheat from the chaff for Laura and Pietro. 'Everyone's feelings are different and I think the partner's is mostly true. Sure, sometimes you don't want to face the truth, but in the end everything has just been confirmed and you just distance yourself from certain people.'

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