Pietro Lombardi & Laura Maria Rypa celebrate a completely wacky gender reveal party


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa reveal the baby gender and celebrate like crazy.
Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa reveal the baby gender and celebrate like crazy. © Instagram, Pietro Lombardi

And it's going to be a... giant baby?! One could almost think so when looking at the freshly shared video recordings from Pietro Lombardis (30) Gender Reveal Party Watches. In between a pregnant Laura Maria Rypa in love (26), her character the girlfriend of the singer, a sea of ​​balloons and a number of beaming people, an XXL baby just jumps around in the celebration clip.

Blue 'Baby' at the Lombardi party

In the clip, a “baby” in a little blue suit jumps around next to the lovers. Not a real baby, of course, but just a grown person who, with the help of the costume, tells everyone: It's going to be a boy! Next to the blue 'infant' lies a pink giant baby on the ground or the Lombardi lawn in the funny, emotional video. To be clear with the baby sledgehammer, a girl won't. You have to get the idea first...

As huge as the costumed creatures are, so is the joy of the former DSDS star and his loved ones. In the video, they both smooch so exuberantly, as if there were something to be won for it. And in another cute moment, Papa Pietro takes his son Alessio (7) on the arm, which will soon have a little brother. That he's also wildly happy? A matter of honour, recognizable not least by the cute stuffed animal bear. In the clip, she wears a mini shirt with the inscription: 'Best big brother Alessio'. Advance laurels? Liked the son of Sarah Engels (29) as well as his new blonde Iroquois haircut!

Unforgettable day for Laura Maria Rypa and her Pietro

But that wasn't all. Smiling loved ones, a party DJ, delicious snacks - everything is there at the Pietro party. And of course the lover will find sweet words as usual. The caption reads:

“We spent this emotional day with our families and friends. It was very exciting for everyone and a super nice experience that we will never forget.” Somehow understandable given the special pictures. (us)

 vip star source: vip.de