Pietro Lombardi & Laura Maria Rypa in the podcast: Pee breakdown with deep emotions


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi
Then as now, Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi can laugh about the pee breakdown. © RTL

Well, relationships aren't always sexy. Know that too DSDS-Juror Pietro Lombardi only too well. The 30-year-old is in Podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF” namely once again in the best chatting mood. After he and his queen of hearts Laura Maria Rypa (26) there already about private things like her first time and the first meeting have spoken, it is now time for another and VERY intimate detail. To sum it up in advance: Laura Maria peed on her lover's hand. Yes, you read that right - that's exactly what Pietro tells us in the podcast below!

Pietro Lombardi thinks: 'It kind of smells like piss!'

In order to understand the pee glitch, however, we have to rewind a little. And that was at the time when Laura Maria was in the hospital. At that time, the influencer was operated on for an ovarian cyst on the abdomen. What nobody knew yet: Laura Maria and Pietro had been together for over a month. So it's not surprising that the former winner of 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' hooded rushed undercover to his sweetheart. Since Laura Maria was still in a daze from the anesthetic and could hardly move, Pietro washed her - and that 'every part of the body' , as he says. After all, you do it for the woman of your dreams.

But when Pietro had almost finished washing and drying, he suddenly became suspicious. 'Then I somehow noticed that my hand was getting wet' , he says in the podcast. Since Laura Maria could not control her bladder after the operation, it happened: Pietro made a joke and then it happened: 'I had to laugh so hard and at that moment I peed...' Yes, in the middle of Pietro's hand. But he didn't even check what it was about and - watch out - did the smell test. 'It kind of smells like piss' , so Pietro - and should be right.

Pipi incident has Pietro and Laura Maria 'welded together'

But the little pee breakdown also had something good: she showed Laura Maria that Pietro is 'the man for life': 'I really got my security 100 percent and he really showed me that he doesn't care about anything and that he really would always be there for me and would do everything.' And Peter? He then not only washed “the pissed Laura” a second time, but also made it clear: 'I don't think I would have done that for every woman.'

In the video: Pietro and Laura announce the baby gender

  Pietro and Laura announce the gender of their baby

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