Pietro Lombardi's Laura Maria reveals: That's why we had to make the love comeback public


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Pietro Lombardi and his girlfriend Laura Maria
Happily reunited: Pietro Lombardi and his girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa will soon be parents © Instagram, pietrolombardi

And, Pietro Lombardi (30) and Laura Maria Rypa (26) are happily reunited. Of the DSDS-Juror and his girlfriend will soon become parents. In her new podcast the two reveal many every week, sometimes very intimate , details on their on-off relationship. Who would so much private chatter mood thought that the love comeback should actually remain secret for much longer? Hardly anyone. But that's exactly what Laura Maria now writes in a question and answer session on Instagram.

A friend spilled the baby news

Rumors of a reunion there have been many by Pietro and Laura Maria. In the summer of 2022, the two then officially confirmed that they wanted to give their love a second chance . THAT wasn't planned at all, as Bald-Mama Laura Maria now reveals. 'Did you want to make your relationship public again 'so early'?' A fan on Instagram wants to know. The relatively surprising answer is: No! Pietro and Laura were almost forced.

  Laura Maria Rypa on the love comeback with Pietro Lombardi
Laura Maria Rypa on the love comeback with Pietro Lombardi © Instagram, lauramaria.rpa

“We had no other choice” , writes the 26-year-old in her Insta-Story. The reason: “Someone from our closest circle has namely informed the newspaper that I was pregnant .” And so it was clear that Laura and Pietro had to take action: “Unfortunately, we had no other choice than first of all to let you know that we are back together although we wanted to enjoy our relationship (privately) much longer .“

In August, Pietro and Laura Maria then published the baby news themselves . We've also known recently the gender of the offspring and eagerly await when the two will tell us the name... Pietro's best buddy and In any case, DSDS colleague Dieter Bohlen already has some suggestions as to what the Lombardi baby should be called .

In the video: Pietro and Laura announce the baby gender

  Pietro and Laura announce the gender of their baby

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