Pop star Michelle helps fans in need – and gets criticism


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  The pop singer Michelle (real name Tanja Gisela Hewer) stands on a stage and sings.
Pop singer Michelle interrupted a concert due to an emergency. © IMAGO/Jan Huebner, IMAGO/Daniel Lakomski, www.imago-images.de

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  • Michelle interrupts performance for an emergency - and angers fans
  • Anna-Carina Woitschack: moving for love?
  • Stefanie Hertel surprises fans with an unusual hobby: 'We have everything full'
  • 'Mendocino' was his first hit: that became pop star Michael Holm

March 17: Michelle acts in an emergency – her fans don't like it at all

The pop singer Michelle (born Tanja Gisela Hewer, 51) is currently touring through Germany. On March 13, she performed in Dresden - and acted quickly and decisively because of a medical emergency in her audience. According to 'tz.de', one of her viewers had a panic attack. The singer then took care of the person concerned and, as she revealed to 'mdr.de', 'took a short time for the nice lady'. When her fan got better, Michelle continued her concert.

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As the 51-year-old sadly noticed, there were also some among her fans who did not take this relief effort well: 'I thought it was a pity that there were a few people who then called for me to continue singing my songs, we should stop down there”. But she doesn't let that intimidate her: 'No matter what happens, something like that always happens.'

Is Anna-Carina Woitschack moving to her boyfriend soon – to Linz?

Where love falls... In Anna-Carina Woitschacks (30) Fall to Austria. Daniel B., the pop singer's new friend , lives and works in Linz. In a question and answer session on Instagram, the 30-year-old now reveals, unsurprisingly, that Linz is her favorite city in Austria. A fan then asked her if she could imagine moving there. 'I feel VERY comfortable in Linz,' reveals Anna-Carina. A move for love does not seem to be out of the question!

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Or does she already live in the city on the Danube? After the separation from her husband Stefan Mross (47) the singer moved out of the shared villa in Bavaria and proudly announced that she had moved into her first apartment. At the time, Anna-Carina did not reveal where this is located.

March 15: Stefanie Hertel is a real pesto queen!

  MDR-Riverboat. Singer Stefanie Hertel on the occasion of the recording of the MDR talk show Riverboat on January 27th, 2023 in the Mediacity Leipzig. 20230127SFL0026 *** MDR Riverboat singer Stefanie Hertel on the occasion of the recording of the MDR talk sho
Singer Stefanie Hertel apparently likes to be at the stove in her free time. © IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA, www.imago-images.de

Usually is Stephanie Hertel (43) on stage at home. But in her free time, the Schlager star prefers to be in the kitchen. On Instagram, she surprises Ex of Stefan Mross namely their fans now with an unusual hobby. She is on fire when it comes to wild garlic pesto! 'I'm at home for a moment and of course I had to run into the forest immediately,' she writes on Instagram for a photo of homemade pesto jars and reveals: 'We're all full.'

Who would have thought that Stefanie Hertel had such a domestic side to her!

March 14: Michael Holm won the German Music Authors' Prize in 2022

  Michael Holm at the Schlager Night in Bad Segeberg in May 2022.
Michael Holm at the Schlager Night in Bad Segeberg in May 2022. © picture alliance, rtn, frank dudek

Everyone knows his hits! 'Mendocino' from 1969 or 'Tränen nicht lie' from 1974 made Lothar Berhard Walter, as he is actually called, a famous hit star. In the meantime, however, he is no longer just a singer, but also writes songs and produces music himself.

For example, he provided lyrics for the singer Joy Fleming and produced the 1998 Guildo Horn album 'Thank You'. His last album 'When the old days were young' was released in 2017.

While he shaped the German hit scene musically, he has always kept his private life in the background. Exception: A love affair in the 70s with actress Ingrid Steeger (75), which made headlines. What is known from his current private life: Holm has been married to his wife Beate since 1991, has two children and has settled in tranquil Weilheim in Upper Bavaria.

Most recently, he made a name for himself in 2022: he won the German Music Authors' Prize from Gema in the Text Schlager category. At the age of 79, he is still on Germany's Schlager stages and performs the hits that made him famous.

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