Pop star Shakira is on trial for tax evasion


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 Pop star Shakira is on trial for tax evasion
Shakira is facing a tax evasion lawsuit. © imago/PanoramiC, SpotOn

There is a risk of imprisonment

A Spanish judge approved a trial against Shakira (45) on Tuesday (September 27) and thus decreed the opening of proceedings. As a result, the Colombian pop star will soon have to face charges of tax evasion in the millions, as reported by The Independent. An exact court date has not yet been set, it said.

The Spanish public prosecutor's office has been making serious allegations against the singer for four years. In the years between 2012 and 2014, the world star failed to cede around 14.5 million euros in income and wealth tax. A conviction could have serious consequences, eight years and two months imprisonment is the demand of the prosecutor. In addition, there should be a fine of 23.7 million euros.

Was trial just a matter of time?

After the latest developments in the case, it was obvious that there would be a court case. According to media reports, Shakira himself had decided against an out-of-court deal in July of this year, which was offered to her by Spanish prosecutors.

She was 'innocent' and decided to 'put the matter in the hands of the law,' Spanish media such as 'Marca' quoted from a statement by the pop star's team. Shakira's team said the singer had deposited the amount she allegedly owed plus an additional EUR 3 million with the Spanish tax authorities and therefore had no outstanding tax debts.

The charges stem from Shakira's registered residency during the period 2012-2014. On paper this was the Bahamas, but Spanish prosecutors argue that the singer was a resident of Barcelona for more than half of that time and would therefore have been a tax resident there.

Shakira had a relationship with Barcelona star Gerard Piqué (35) from 2011, together they have two children. However, the artist and the soccer professional separated in early June 2022 after more than ten years together.

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