Pop star Tony Marshall: He says goodbye to his fans so emotionally


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Did Tony Marshall say goodbye here?

Tony Marshall's health is getting worse. Many friends are said to have already said goodbye to the Schlager legend. His latest album, meaningfully titled The Last Dream, features a song he recorded with his two sons. In the video you can see and hear the moving words with which he looks back on his life and says goodbye in a way that gets under your skin.

Tony Marshall's words get under your skin: 'See you soon - in the next life!'

Tony Marshall recorded a music classic with his sons Marc and Pascal for his latest album, the title of which could not be more appropriate. The song is called 'Father & Sons' and is his own personal version of the Cat Stevens hit 'Father & Son'. You can see the 84-year-old in a black and white video, sometimes alone, sometimes sitting at a table with his boys. 'My life was full of happiness. I'm sitting here, here with you - I know it won't be that long anymore,' he sings in the first verses. Not only the atmosphere in the video, but also the words give you goosebumps. In the end, Marshall and his boys hug each other. His last lines read: 'And when it's over, we say: See you soon - in the next life!'

Friends have already said goodbye to Tony Marshall

It's a very emotional way to say goodbye to your loved ones and fans after years of serious illness and knowing you don't have much longer to live. A friend of the musician recently revealed in an interview with 'Bild': 'Tony doesn't want to see anyone except his family because he feels too weak'. His ex-manager Herbert Nold said in an interview with 'Das Neue Blatt': 'I haven't seen him for a long time. He cut off contact. He doesn't want to see anyone.'

Tony Marshall has struggled with health issues for years

Tony Marshall became known in the 70s with his feel-good songs. And that's exactly what he wants to leave behind for his fans: 'He wants to be remembered as a happy entertainer,' the friend continues. The 84-year-old has struggled a lot with his health in recent years. In 2012 it became known that he was suffering from polyneuropathy, a disease of the nervous system that can lead to paralysis. Then in 2019 the next stroke of fate: Marshall was in a coma for days after a stroke and kidney failure. He was additionally weakened by his corona infection two years later. It is not known how serious the singer is at the moment. But he is now at the end of his strength and many of his friends are said to have already said goodbye to him. ( um )

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