Portraits of Queens through the ages on British pound notes


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 Portraits of Queens through the ages on British pound notes
Portraits of Queens through the ages on British pound notes. © picture alliance

Since 1956, the Bank of England has allowed a portrait of Queen Elizabeth print on UK banknotes. Three years after Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen. Since then, various images of the Queen have graced the notes that the Bank of England has listed in an article. We've featured the Queen on banknotes over the years.

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In 1960, Queen Elizabeth appeared on banknotes for the first time

In 1960 it actually appeared for the first time on the 1 pound note and a year later on a 10 shilling note. According to the Bank of England, both notes were designed by designer Robert Austin. The Queen wears her signature diamond tiara on both bills. The design was mainly criticized because it is said to have looked so unreal.

A new £5 note was launched in 1963, followed a year later by the £10 note. Both sported a portrait of the Queen designed by Reynolds Stone. He succeeded in creating a more realistic picture of the monarch.

At the end of the 1960s, a new 10 shilling note was launched, showing the Queen with a hat and wearing the robe of the Order of Trouser.

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A new batch was issued in the 1970s: a portrait of the Queen graced the £1 and £5 notes, and another, designed by Harry Eccleston, on the larger notes. In both, Elizabeth II wears a ceremonial dress.

Many years later, in 1990, the £5 note was reissued again. It featured a new, more mature portrait of the Queen, who was 64 when it was first published. The design is attributed to Roger Withington.

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Since the 1990s, the watermark on paper banknotes on a second portrait of the Queen has also been introduced to protect against counterfeiting.

Since 2016, the Queen's face has been printed on polymers. However, the portrait is still the same as it was in 1990.

After her death, however, it will now Being King Charles printed on British banknotes . (rla)

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