Pregnant Barbara Meier is suddenly naked in the shop when trying on the dirndl


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Barbara Meier is standing naked in the store

Barbara Meier (36) is the absolute eye-catcher at the Angermaier Wiesn Alm with her baby bump. She presents, beaming from ear to ear her ball in a dirndl and seems to feel at home in her smart outfit. However, the mum-to-be tells us that it wasn't all that easy to get her tummy into the traditional costume - including a small fashion faux pas during the fitting. Because it's not just her pregnancy curves that cause a bit of stress during the fitting: Suddenly Babara was standing in the store almost naked, as she reveals to us in the video!

Barbara Meier is proud of her body

 Barbara Meier's baby ball no longer really wanted to fit into the dirndl.
Barbara Meier's baby ball didn't really want to fit into the dirndl anymore. © barbarameier / Instagram

Because the dirndl is from her sustainability collection, it should definitely be this model for the event. “A lot” of changes were necessary, as Barbara impressively showed with a photo of the fitting. The baby ball pretty much exploded the dirndl fabric. 'Now with a little extra work and a lot of pins and a lot of alterations, we got my dirndl tailored to my body.'

The 2007 GNTM winner is not uncomfortable with the fact that the dirndl doesn't fit perfectly the first time and even had to be sewn here and there - quite the opposite. “Since my first pregnancy, I just feel a lot more comfortable in my body. Even after the child was out, I didn't have as much pressure as I had as a model,' she reveals in the RTL interview: 'I've accepted my body a lot more now. And during pregnancy it was never an issue anyway, what does my figure look like.' She wouldn't pay attention to what she eats and feasts on what she feels like: 'I know you don't have to eat for two, but I just have it incredibly hungry.”

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Incidentally, the 36-year-old is also not afraid of the upcoming childbirth. 'In fact, I wasn't that concerned with the birth either time because I think to myself: It's going to happen anyway. That's the good thing, you can't choose,' Barbara tells us with a laugh. She has a great midwife who helps her with the preparations, she just lets the rest come to her: 'What's the use of it if I'm scared. That's why I try to stay relaxed.' (dga)

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