Pregnant Chethrin Schulze in an interview: 'I'm happy that my child still has a grandmother'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Love Island"-Star Chethrin Schulze ist schwanger – und kommt auch in unserem Interview aus dem Strahlen gar nicht mehr heraus.
'Love Island' star Chethrin Schulze is pregnant – and can't get out of the beam in the interview. © RTL

by Lena Janssen and Charlotte Reppenhagen

If that's not a mom glow! In the interview shines Chethrin Schulze (31) over both ears - because she has every reason to: With her pregnancy and baby Schulze 'The best and most beautiful gift' is waiting for the 'Love Island' candidate, as she tells us. But that's not all: her mother, who is suffering from cancer, is also happy that she will soon be able to meet her grandchild.

Chethrin Schulze's mother had breast cancer - and will soon be a proud grandmother

'I'm definitely looking forward to the ball time,' laughs Chethrin Schulze. Even if the ball 'is still a bit long in coming', the 31-year-old can enjoy her first pregnancy to the fullest. She is now in her fourth month. And in an interview, she remembers the time when she found out about her little miracle: 'My mom was the first to get the message that she was going to be a grandma and that I was pregnant,' she tells us.

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Not only for Chethrin herself, but also for her mother, the pregnancy is something very special. Because, as her daughter reported in March 2023, her mother was fighting breast cancer . At that time she was sure: 'No, it's not my time yet.' And Mama Schulze was right! When Chethrin found out about her pregnancy, 'her cancer got better at the same time,' recalls the ex-'Love Island' candidate.

The 'Love Island' star can 'give a soul a new life'

Chethrin's mother 'the cancer was removed, she had a breast augmentation and now no longer has a natural breast,' she reports. A defeated cancer and a pregnancy - 'it all flowed together,' the 31-year-old recalls. And can probably draw the most beautiful conclusion: 'My mother was given a new life and I'm giving a soul a new life.' Tears almost flow.

Will their family happiness soon be crowned by a proposal and a wedding? In any case, there have already been rumors of an engagement between Chethrin and her boyfriend . In her opinion, the application shouldn't have to wait that long, she tells us. Only the wedding – because Chethrin really wants to look “perfect”!

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