Presenter says goodbye: Nela Lee mourns her mother


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Nela Lee
Presenter Nela Lee mourns the loss of her beloved mother. © picture alliance / Ralf Succo /, Ralf Succo

The former RTL presenter Nela Lee (42) has to cope with a heavy loss. On Instagram, she shares one of the worst news that a person can experience with her almost 100,000 followers: the death of her beloved mother. With touching lines she bids farewell to her 'solid as a rock'.

deep pain

It's that one moment when life suddenly turns upside down. In which nothing is like it used to be. That sad time has now come for Nela Lee. The deep sadness about this is already clear from the first line of your current Instagram post. The 42-year-old puts a broken heart next to the word 'mom'. The moderator, first at VIVA, then later through the afternoon tabloid show “taff” at Pro7 and 2015 moderated the first season 'Adam sucht Eva' on RTL , publicly mourns her beloved mother on Instagram. 'Everything I am and everything beautiful that surrounds me I owe to you.'

Touching words that she addresses to the woman who was an 'unshakeable rock in the surf' for her. 'I am infinitely grateful that we used our time together and created many memories that will make you unforgettable.' She also posts a photo of herself with her mom.

Nela is now a mother herself

Nela has been married to her husband Christian Kalusche since 2015. A year after the wedding, she herself became a mother to a boy . His name is Nicolas, and with him by her side, just six days ago she posted a happy video showing her cuddling up watching TV.

Apparently all of a sudden Nicolas lost his grandmother. The 42-year-old did not comment on the exact circumstances of death. 'I will miss you very much, mom, but I know that you are having a good time now and you will dance again in heaven,' Nela says goodbye to her mother on Instagram and adds a heart emoji: Because even if the loss her mom is heartbreaking for Nela, the shared memories live on in her heart. (vne)

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