Prince Albert of Monaco has concrete plans for daughter Gabriella's future


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  Princess Charlène of Monaco with Princess Gabriella, Prince Jacques and Prince Albert II of Monaco.
Princess Charlène of Monaco with Princess Gabriella, Prince Jacques and Prince Albert II of Monaco. © IMAGO/Independent Photo Agency Int., IMAGO/Marco Piovanotto /,

For Jacques von Monaco (7) likely future as heir to the throne of his father Prince Albert II (64) must be clearly regulated. But what about his older sister Gabriella (7) from?

Prince Albert II reveals details about Princess Gabriella's future

The succession to the throne in the Principality of Monaco is strictly regulated: the eldest son of the incumbent prince is the hereditary prince - regardless of whether there is an older sister among the siblings. For Prince Albert II of Monaco, this means that he has a legitimate heir to the throne in his son Jacques. And that despite the fact that he was born two minutes after his twin sister Gabriella. In the principality, the male children are in the line of succession to the female ones - and that puts Gabriella, who is actually older, in second place. It is similar with Prince Albert and his siblings: His sister Caroline von Hannover (65) is actually older than him, but is behind her younger brother in the heir to the throne.

For Gabriella, her place in the line of succession means a likely eternal existence in the shadow of her brother, who will rule the principality. However, on November 19, 2022, Prince Albert made it clear to the 'Monaco Matin' that Gabriella would also take 'responsibility'. 'She has to be as experienced as possible to help her brother. It's a whole set of knowledge, information and behaviors that you need to have,” he explains.

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'Differentiations' between Jacques and Gabriella

The two twins seem to be one thing above all: inseparable. No matter whether at public appearances or on cute photos , the mom Charlene von Monaco (44) posts on Instagram – Gabriella and Jacques give each other support. Anything but unusual for twins in their special situation. Prince Albert also knows that his kids are “very connected” to each other. But he already notes: 'You shouldn't differentiate too much at the moment, it will come in small steps'.

Even if Jacques is the focus of the Principality as Hereditary Prince, 'Gabriella has an important role to play in which he supports her and shares certain responsibilities,' explains Albert. Both twins still seem to be developing together: 'With Princess Charlène, we are trying to teach our two children the values ​​that we consider essential.' are prepared differently for their respective roles. So far, however, the two seem to be developing well, reveals their father: 'They will soon be eight years old. They are young but making great strides in terms of maturity and world awareness.” (cre)

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