Prince Albert & Princess Charlène are more in love than ever on a royal mission


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlène at the laying of the foundation stone.
Prince Albert and Princess Charlène are more in love than ever at the laying of the foundation stone. © Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace

Prince Albert of Monaco (64) and his wife Princess Charlene (44) caused surprised looks in Monaco: After all, there is always speculation about the marriage of the two . But now they show themselves from a totally harmonious and intimate side. Perhaps also because it is a real heart project of the native South African.

Charlène is like a different person

  Princess Charlène on September 12, 2022 in Monaco.
Princess Charlène seemed very relaxed during this visit - especially at her husband's side. © Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace

In public appearances, Charlène always seems more reserved, more reserved . You really can't say she's beaming. But this performance on Monday (September 12) shows her from a very authentic side. Sure, this time she doesn't stand in front of the camera with a big grin - she doesn't have to. But her face expresses a serenity that often seems to be missing - for example when she receives a bouquet of flowers as a welcome gift. After the Princess last year for months had to spend far away from her family in South Africa due to health problems , she looks like she has changed.

Particularly surprising: Especially on the side of her husband Albert, the 44-year-old now looks totally at home. They hold hands and together lay the foundation for an animal shelter in Monaco. Charlène looks lovingly at her Albert when he gives a speech - and they kiss each other's cheeks in love.

In the video: Charlène inspires on the red carpet

  Princess Charlène shines on the red carpet

Charlene has a new job

  Prince Albert and Princess Charlène of Monaco in September 2022.
Prince Albert kisses his happy Charlène on the cheek. © Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace

An animal shelter of the 'Société Protectrice des Animaux de Monaco' (in English: 'Protection Society for Animals') is being built not far from the principality in Peille, France. Albert and Charlène came to the laying of the foundation stone and placed the first stone together. The project should be completed by the end of 2023 and then the 44-year-old will take on her new role.

Albert announced on the spot that his wife would take on the patronage of the project as President. The shelter aims to 'provide shelter for animals in need in the best conditions,' reports the Monaco palace. For the princess a big heart project. She has been campaigning for the protection of rhinos for years and is involved with the animal welfare association in her native South Africa.

Either way: Charlène has really blossomed in the last few months – she seems to have finally found her place in the Principality. (vne)

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