Prince Frédéric von Anhalt gives a lecture at the Berlin University


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Prince Frédéric lectures on inheritance law

by Rebekka Bednorz, Mira Volkmar and Claudia Spitzkowski

'At first I thought they wanted to fuck me!' Frederic von Anhalt (79) expresses what most people probably thought when they received this information: The headline prince was invited to give a guest lecture at the Berlin University of Economics and Law. In the video above, we show how Frédéric's performance was received by the prospective academics

Prince Frédéric is very familiar with inheritance law

What could Prince Frédéric von Anhalt, who leads a headline-grabbing life of luxury in Hollywood, teach young people? In fact, there are two topics that the 79-year-old is very familiar with: inheritance law and adoption. After the death of his wife Zsa Zsa Gabor six years ago the prince is said to have inherited 60 million euros. He is also known for his lucrative adoptions. Frederic has helped six middle-class adopted children to obtain aristocratic titles over the past decades.

In his lecture in Berlin, he is now passing on the experience that the prince was able to gather with his inherited fortune and the adopted family members to inquisitive young people. A first important learning point: “In my opinion, German inheritance law is absolutely crappy!”. Oh!

Frédéric von Anhalt is disappointed in his adopted sons

Frédéric thinks that only those who “really help” should inherit. And not because they have a legal right – as is usual in Germany. Because he is very disappointed in his adopted sons: 'I have no contact with them at all. You all left me alone. They promised me that they would help me and come to America. But they didn't come.'

Reading tips: Prince Frédéric von Anhalt does not give up: heir wanted!

That is exactly why the 79-year-old is currently looking for a new heir. The prince already has someone in mind: Heidi Klum. 'Heidi is the best! I love Heidi! Heidi would have deserved it, she would then be a princess, ”enthuses Frédéric in the RTL interview. Princess Heidi of Anhalt. It sounds really nice.

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