Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan shoot despite Jeremy Clarkson's public apology


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  Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan © dpa, Daniel Leal-Olivas, kde

The British “Sun” columnist Jeremy Clarkson (62) fired at the end of 2022 with a hate tirade Prince Harry's (38) Wife Duchess Meghan (41) . The text caused a sensation around the world, and there were thousands of complaints. Now the journalist has publicly apologized to the royal dropout couple. But the two don't want to hear anything about it - and shoot back.

Even her own daughter distanced herself

Reporter and presenter Jeremy Clarkson is known in his home country for his scathing quips and blunt honesty. With the column he wrote for „The Sun“ wrote about Meghan, however, in the eyes of many, he clearly went too far. The mid-December article was his reaction to the Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan, in which the couple shared their reasons for leaving the British royal family presented.

Clarkson said, 'I hate Meghan.' The 62-year-old fantasized about wanting the former actress to be paraded through British cities naked and pelted with excrement while the crowd chanted 'shame.' The post triggered a storm of indignation, and within a short time the media regulator received a record number of press complaints. And even Clarkson's daughter distanced herself from him with a public statement.

  Jeremy Clarkson dealt badly against Duchess Meghan
Jeremy Clarkson dealt badly against Duchess Meghan © imago/i Images / Landmark Media. pictures/, SpotOn

Jeremy Clarkson: 'I'm really sorry'

Clarkson has now published a detailed statement on Instagram, in which he apologizes and says that he also emailed Harry and Meghan on Christmas Day. 'I'm really sorry. From the balls of my feet to the follicles on my head,” the journalist writes, among other things. 'I usually read what I've written to someone else before I send it off, but on that fateful day I was home alone and in a hurry. So when I was done, I just hit send. And when the column came out the next day, the land mine exploded.”

He was getting hot and cold, his head was spinning and he was nauseous, Clarkson said. 'Did I really say that? It was awful. I knew immediately what had happened. I was thinking of a scene in 'Games of Thrones' but forgot to mention it. So it looked like I was actually calling for despicable violence to be rained down on Meghan's head,' the Brit wrote.

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Harry and Meghan don't believe in regret

But Harry and Meghan apparently don't want to forgive Clarkson just like that. Omid Scobie, a friend of the two, posted an official statement on his Twitter account on Monday (January 16). It confirms that the journalist apologized to the couple via email back in December. But: 'While Mr. Clarkson issued a new public apology today, his longstanding pattern of writing hate articles has yet to be addressed.'

Clarkson has been accused by Harry and Meghan of systematically 'spreading dangerous conspiracy theories and misogyny'. If not all of his other plays were written 'in a hurry', it is clear that this was not an isolated case. 'Rather, it is probably more of a series of articles that are shared in hatred,' it says.

The Sun also apologized

Shortly after the December incident, the tabloid The Sun apologized for the publication. The paper belongs to the publishing house 'News Corporation' of the US entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch. But Harry and Meghan didn't accept this apology either, calling it 'nothing but a PR stunt'. (tma)

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