Prince Harry and Prince William: Their argument has been going on for so long


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 Prince Harry and Prince William: Their argument has been going on for so long
Prince William and Prince Harry (right) have not had a good relationship for a long time. © imago images/i Images, SpotOn

Already at the wedding in 2011

The relationship between Prince Harry (38) and Prince William (40) has apparently been strained for much longer than has been publicly known.

As Harry claims in his memoir 'Reserve' ('Spare'), which was leaked before the actual release date on January 10, he is said to have been forced to tell his brother's 'outrageous lie' that he was his best man at his wedding to the then Kate Middelton (41) was in 2011 to help.

The groomsmen lie

The duke revealed that a quarrel with his older brother meant that 'Willy didn't want me to give a best man speech'. Instead, Prince William's two closest friends, James Meade and Thomas Van Straubenzee, were his best man and also gave the speech at the traditional reception.

The Duke was officially his brother's best man at the wedding and even traveled with his father, now King Charles III, that day. (74), in a Bentley to Westminster Abbey.

physical disputes

Harry previously accused William of grabbing his collar and throwing him to the ground during a heated argument at Nottingham Cottage - Harry's home in Kensington Palace - in 2019. Harry is said to have suffered scratches and bruises from a dog bowl. The conflict is said to have flared up after the Prince of Wales called Meghan 'difficult', 'rude' and 'aggressive'.

Speaking in an ITV interview with Tom Bradby, 55, which aired on Sunday (8 January), Harry said: 'He wanted me to hit back but I didn't. What was different here was the level of Frustration.'

He added, 'I can safely say today that if I hadn't had therapy sessions and been able to process that anger and frustration, I would have resisted, 100 percent.'

The younger of the two brothers goes on to say that they generally 'quarreled constantly, like many siblings'.

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